The Student Has Become the Teacher


Today at iPadpalooza, I gave a presentation on my SWAT Team (Students Working to Advance Technology). It is an after school program that I teach each Wednesday and we do a variety of events to not only advance the technology program at our school, but also to reach out to the community and be of service to others. Here are the digital resources from today’s presentation:┬á

Thanks! If you have a tech team at your school, I’d love to hear more about it on Twitter @aprilrequard.



Key(note) to Creativity Resources

The Key(note) to Creativity Preso.001

Today I presented the Key(note) to Creativity to educators in Austin, TX at iPadpalooza. I presented ways teachers and students can use Keynote that move beyond a presentation. The focus was on students and teachers creating their own content within Keynote and explore how one can use Keynote to be creative. If you’d like the resources from this session, they are available here:┬á

Cheers and happy learning!


Technology in the Hands of the Powerful


The Student Has Become the Teacher: Technology in the Hands of the Powerful. This was the title for my TEDxABQ Education┬átalk on empowering teachers to champion the idea of creating student-led technology teams at their schools. Our students are our greatest resource. ┬áTheir help, ideas, and vision can help create lasting change within the walls of our schools…all we have to do is empower them with the tools to help lead the change alongside the educators in our schools. The theme of the TEDxABQ Event was all about Equity in Education…I can’t think of a better way to provide equity than by giving students a front row seat at the table!

Click here to watch my TED Talk! I was so blessed to bring along 7 of my fabulous students to speak about how being on our SWAT Team has impacted them! These students inspire me and are a sweet reminder of all things that are good in education! This experience was one that I know these kiddos will never forget and I am so lucky to be one of their teachers.

My tech team is called the SWAT Team (Students Working to Advance Technology). This group truly became my teammates as we worked together to create published work, inspire teachers, lead others towards learning how to integrate technology into their classrooms, reach out to the community, and create change within our school and district.

I’ve previously written about how I choose the members of my SWAT Team, the application process, and the general goals of the group. Click here to view this post.

Hopefully, the TED Talk and the ideas presented by my students inspire you to begin thinking about how you can involve your students in changing the technology integration climate at your school!


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